White Lion/KOINOS ® He has the technical knowledge and experience to advise you on your project. We specialize in designing, developing and implementing solutions using technology identification, capture and automatic data transmission (AI DC). We are experts in technology of Radio Frequency Identification (RF / ID), biometrics (fingerprint recognition, facial and voice), barcode (linear, two-dimensional and matrix), (high and low coercivity) magnetic stripe, portable terminals , fixed terminals, printers download, thermal transfer printers, proximity card readers and others.

Also, we have great experience in the "business processes" that supports our 2Personnel solution, guaranteeing implement "best practices" in the industry and in the shortest time possible, and always looking to satisfy comprehensively implementing a solution, that is, offering a solution "turnkey".


We also offer professional services for the customization of our solutions and developing specific business functionality to our customers, such as interfaces or specific reports, above, backed by a team of engineers, technicians, implementers and developers trained in the use of the latest technologies in the area of Information Technology (IT).


White Lion/KOINOS ® has the organizational structure and process standards required for software engineering and development solutions, thus achieving quality assurance in their software products.

Similarly, White Lion/KOINOS ® works with technology and / or most recent and efficient for the development of their solutions in software development tools, database engines, communication technologies, including capture technologies, achieving ensure an extended life of your computer products.

post implementation support

We believe that a good product is as important as a good sales service. Both factors determine the success of your investment. In that sense, White Lion/KOINOS ® offers its customers different after sales service agreements (SLA), who may decide which of all required to meet your needs.

White Lion/KOINOS ® support from consultations remotely to on-site, with different levels and hours of operation and according to the needs of your company.